Building competences of religious leaders to mobilize and facilitate social transformation of faith communities

What we stand for

Promoting political co-existence and tolerance

Promoting multi-religious collaborative dialogue on issues of common interest and concern among the different faiths

Our Members

Creating a culture of unity in diversity

Building and equipping networks such as the Women of Faith Network, to promote the mission of IRCU

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Working together with all stakeholders to promote peace and stability

Advocating for peaceful co-existence, tolerance human rights, justice and reconciliation for harnessing the unique similarities and differences in faiths, traditions, ethnicity, beliefs and action.

How We Work

Promoting brotherhood and love for one another

Working together to support all Ugandans in every situation

Working together for the good of all Ugandans

Welcoming the other in love and dialogue

Entrenching a culture of oneness and collaboration

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IRCU Programs

IRCU programs focus on strengthening coordination of the multi-religious responses to the common challenges including HIV/AIDS, peace, human rights, conflict transformation and good governance.

Regional and International Partners

Guided by its partnership strategy, IRCU networks consist of interfaith and other religious structures at national, regional and international level.

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IRCU 2019 Theme

Putting the youth at the center of our work