While giving open remarks at the launch of the Eastern Uganda Regional Peace and Stability Forum held in Mbale, on August 4th,  Rt. Rev. Samuel Egesa Bogere, the Diocesan Bishop of Bukedi and co-Chairperson of the Inter Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU); peace, justice and governance committee, listed a number of key issues of concern affecting the leaders of the Eastern region.

The proposed reforms in the Constitutional Amendment Bill (2015) topped the list of the pertinent contentious issues that Rev. Egesa suggested, as having urgent need for religious leaders to embrace.

“As you may be aware, the government’s proposals on the Bill are termed ‘cosmetic’ by the opposition, civil society organizations and the development partners. What then will be our contribution to this debate?” He said.

Amongst the proposed Articles for amendment was 72 which talks about the Right to form political organizations, and 83, which provides details about the tenure of office of members of Parliament. These two were areas of contention especially amongst Members of Parliament and Civil Society Organizations.