Congratulatory message to the Muslim fraternity upon Eid Al Adhuha

Congratulatory message to the Muslim fraternity upon Eid Al Adhuha

We would like to congratulate our Muslim brothers and sisters upon Eid Al Adhuha on Thursday, 24th September 2015. Eid Al Adhuha, which is one of the most important feasts of the Muslim faith, celebrated every year on the 10th day of the Islamic Month of Dhul Hijja, and is observed one day after the holy day of Arafat.

Just as it is observed in remembrance of Ibrahim’s readiness to sacrifice his son out of faith in Allah, we call upon all Muslims to emulate Ibrahim and sacrifice on behalf of the country. Let us all sacrifice ourselves every day for the good of the country. Let the Eid Al Adhuha celebrations be a reminder to each and every one of us to sacrifice personal interests and greed for the good of promoting the common good of every one in Uganda.

Finally, we appeal to Ugandans offering themselves for leadership at various levels to work for unity, harmony, and peaceful co-existence in their communities, as core values that consolidate social cohesion and stability.

We also wish to remind Ugandans to focus on issues that transcend personalities and cheap politics, and to see beyond temporary inducements and other selfish gains. Our country, our future and dignity as a nation are priceless and cannot be bought or sold in a political market place.

Once again, we take this opportunity to wish our Muslim brothers and sisters a happy Eid Al Adhuha.