The Inter-Religious Council of Uganda has called upon Ugandans, especially youth, to keep calm during political party primaries.

The general overseer of the National Alliance of Pentecostal and Evangelical Churches of Uganda INAPECU), and Associate member of the IRCU Council of Presidents, Bishop Joshua Lwere, appealed to the youth and politicians to accept that in any contest there is a winner and a loser, and also learn to accept defeat gracefully to avoid leading supporters into protest and chaos.

Addressing journalists at the IRCU headquarters in Kampala, on Thursday 23rd, with the Deputy Mufti of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, Sheikh Khatwib Mukuluwakika, and Vicar General, also Chairman  IRCU Board , Msgr. Charles Kasibante, Bishop Luwere noted that it is saddening that elections in some areas like Jinja, Kayunga and Sembabule, were marred by skirmishes, yet elections are expected to be a symbol of democracy, peace and togetherness.

On behalf of IRCU, Bishop Lwere also registered disappointment over the unfortunate deeds in Kayunga, where supporters of Hon. Aidah Nantaba were reported to have torn party cards and scattered them along the street.

“Such protests and accusations of rigging and intimidation as it was, should not happen amongst candidates. Battles between the anti- riot police and angry mobs should not be the trade mark of elections in Uganda whatsoever,” Bishop Lwere said.

Bishop Lwere emphasized that it is the responsibility of religious leaders to constantly remind all Ugandans of the critical values that will enable them build a united, peaceful, prosperous country that will uphold our national motto “For God and my country.”

“We have been entrusted to be guardians of the common good. In order to play this role, we have articulated values that we consider to be indispensable for all Ugandans to embrace if we are to build a stable, inclusive and thriving nation. These values include; dialogue, honesty, faithfulness, stewardship, equity, peaceful co-existence, honoring of our national motto, and faith in God our creator,” he said.

According to Bishop Lwere, these are the values IRCU would like to encourage amongst all Ugandans, especially as we are moving towards the 2016 general elections.