IRCU, helping GBV Victims overcome the trauma

IRCU, helping GBV Victims overcome the trauma

Rejected by her parents at the age of two, Namamonde (21) was taken on by her grandmother, who wouldn’t afford school fees and so she dropped out of school in primary 6.

Her grandmother later took her to join her siblings living in Kampala, where life become a living hell.  She was forced to do all the house chores and when she couldn’t take it anymore, she took to the streets.

On the streets, she met a man who disguised himself as a good Samaritan. She was only 17 years then. But unfortunately, the man turned her into a sex slave besides being very violent with her. When he learnt that she was pregnant, he started mistreating her which resulted into a miscarriage.


Namammonde with Isa who Counseled her