Mbwali Rebecca, 18 resident of Busota Kitayundwa County in Kamuli Busoga, in Uganda, was born with hope like any other child in Nankulyaku Village; her dream was to become a police woman. She admired everything from the uniform to having authority to command and things happen at will. Like a child she played with sticks to act as batons and practiced goose matching and all sorts of stuff that one would imagine a police officer would do.

But it seems good luck was not about to come her way, her very supportive father who had promised to make her dream come to pass, soon developed diabetes and hypertension and died at a young age of 52.  Mbwali’s dreams were shattered with the death of her father and that was the end of her education. This is a similar story in many homes in a country that houses millions of orphans;

While attending church in 2003, she had the village priest in Nankulyaku talk about donors who were willing to take on orphans who would like to acquire vocational skills.

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Acting Manager HIV/AIDS and Public Health James Yesiga and Manager Alqudus Juma Bulo after Listening to a success story from one of the USAID/IRCU beneficiaries Mbwali Rebecca in Busota Kamuli (Left) is Beneficiary Mbwali Rebecca.