The Handicapped in Uganda, as in most developing countries in the world, face extreme conditions; The Government of Uganda has adopted a number of laws and policies like providing free primary education. However the gap is yet too big to be filled.  The Inter religious council of Uganda has joined this cause by donating sewing machines and other assorted items to Kireka home for the mentally handicapped.

This home that houses some of the extreme cases of infant disabilities has 71 children, hailing from all over the country. Handing over the gifts the manager research and strategic information Manisurah  Aheebwa said IRCU acknowledges that caring for orphans and vulnerable is tough and challenging ministry duty, but faith based organizations carry an undeniable call to be stewards and managers of humanity.

It’s upon this back ground that IRCU staff mobilized funds from within as an act of charity towards the community. Children with impairment are likely to start school later than their peers, and are most likely to start school after the age of ten. Their School attendance rates are variable and often low and will mostly need assistive devices and special help to cope.