This Year Uganda’s population hit 34 million.  Whether this is good or bad what concerns everyone is the quality of life that citizens in this country are living. IRCU has been for the last 12 years improving people’s conditions of living through offering Palliative care/ART services in 19 faith based organizations (FBO’s).These FBOs offer Medicine to HIV positive clients, counseling and lots more.

Now the service has expanded to include mosquito nets, safe water vessels, and water filters, to help IRCU Clients reduce chances of contracting diseases such as Malaria, Typhoid and Diarrhea. Safe water vessels remove dirt from drinking water as well as kill Micro disease carrying organisms thereby improving people’s quality of life.

Handing over the care packs to beneficiaries, HIV/AIDS Manager Jackie Katana said that IRCU is working in partnership with USAID to improve lives of over 1000 families.

She implored FBO’s to ensure that beneficiaries make best use of this donation. Diarrhea can be a life threatening problem if not treated correctly and rapidly. In addition it is one of the most annoying HIV symptoms. Diarrhea purges the body of needed fluid and electrolytes, resulting in dehydration.