Prayer items for the National inter-faith prayers

Prayer items for the National inter-faith prayers

Today marks the beginning of the National inter-faith prayers to commemorate Uganda’s independence and for peace and stability during the forthcoming general elections.

Today 25th September, Muslims all-over the country will pray for peaceful elections and thank God for Uganda’s 53 years of independence. They will be followed by Seventh-Day Adventists tomorrow 26th September, and the rest of the Christians will pray for the same on Sunday 27th September 2015.

Prayer has always been part and parcel of our lives in Uganda. Even as our country prepares to enter into the critical season of elections, the power and importance of praying together cannot be over stated. Uganda’s pillars are hinged on godly principles as our motto stands “For God and my Country” and our national anthem pleading to God uphold our motherland.

Knowing that nation building is a collective effort, religious leaders in Uganda feel compelled and convicted to create an enabling environment for the country to flourish and remain peaceful even as we enter into a season of elections. There is an opportune moment for action which, when missed, can lead to disastrous consequences to those who neglected it and subsequent generations.

The following are the prayer items for the National inter-faith prayers:

Pray for Uganda that

•           Will remain a God fearing nation

•           It will be a caring, prosperous, and healthy nation

•           God will give us leaders who have the good of the country at heart

•           Ugandans will love and respect their neighbors regardless of political, ethnic and religious affiliation

•           Uganda will exist peacefully with her neighbors in the region

•           God will guide us as Ugandans on how to vote and give us peace in our hearts during and after the elections.

(Psalm 33:11-13)


Pray for Religious leaders so that they may:

•           Be impartial and independent in the electoral process

•           Lead by example through showing respect and dignity to one another

•           Preach peace and tolerance in the mosques and churches

•           Mobilize voters to turn up in large numbers

•           Be courageous and bold as they invoke their prophetic voice against any vice in the nation

•           Guide voters to vote for candidates who will deliver on their promises

(Jeremiah 23:4)


Pray for Candidates and political parties to:

•           Embrace and uphold moral values that promote unity, peaceful coexistence and development

•           Have protection and provision in their campaign trails

•           Have wisdom to guide their supporters to shun violence and uphold tolerance and peace.

•           be truthful in their campaign promises

•           Have good relations with their political opponents

(Psalm 78:70-72)


Pray for the Electoral Commission:

•           To practice fairness and justice in their work

•           To be impartial and transparent in its work

•           For wisdom and courage to take all necessary steps to shield itself from manipulation by any individual politicians or political groups, especially on polling day.

•           To ensure that all eligible voters exercise their constitutional right and duty to cast their votes freely and peacefully.

•           For protection upon staff and their families

(Exodus 18:21)


Pray for the Media houses:

•           To desist from sensational journalism

•           To exercise their constitutional rights responsibly and ensure that the general public remains informed throughout the electoral process;

•           To allow equitable access by all contesting candidates to communicate their programs to the voters;

•           To desist from fanning violence or hate campaigns.

•           For protection for their lives and families

(Isaiah 52:7)


Pray for Police and other security agencies

•           To provide security and protection to all Ugandans regardless of their political affiliation

•           To work for safe and secure elections and desist from using excessive force in crowd management

•           To avoid the abuse of their mandate.

•           To ensure that there is no bloodshed from unwarranted use of live bullets and brutality by irresponsible officers.

(Acts 21:31-32)


Pray for Cultural and Community leaders:

•           To influence all adherents to cultural institutions to pursue peace

•           To guide all people in their spheres of influence towards a united Uganda

•           For wisdom to deal with controversial issues that may arise from time to time

(1 Kings 12:6-7)