We hope and pray the Ntungamo Incident does not happen again

We hope and pray the Ntungamo Incident does not happen again

The incident that happened in Ntungamo between the supporters of the ruling NRM party and John Patrick Amama Mbabazi’s Go-Forward team, was very unfortunate and we condemn it in the strongest sense.

Uganda is a multi-party political dispensation and therefore every Ugandan is free to support any candidate of their choice, without restriction.

We call upon campaign managers of the various political parties to desist from organizing counter-rallies and activities because they have the potential to turn violent. Supporters of the different candidates should also avoid provoking each other because it is counter-productive and unnecessary. We all ought to respect and tolerate each other’s political choices.

We also call upon the electoral commission to take action against politicians and candidates that do not respect each other’s spaces and campaign programs. The Police as well, should be seen to take action in such situations and promote peace, and keep law and order instead of simply looking on as Ugandans fight each other.

Ugandans should learn to tolerate and respect each other’s political decisions. We should all care for each other as Ugandans and live in peace and unity. The electoral period is a season that will pass, but Uganda will remain.

Therefore, let us strive to live up to our motto that says “For God and My Country”. Everything we do, we should do in the spirit of togetherness and oneness, as children of this great land. Fighting and hatred should not be mentioned amongst us.

Supporting different candidates does not make us enemies, it simply means that we have different interests. Please do not hate each other over what will pass. Our Ugandan-ness should surpass our support and interest for any candidate, because whoever goes through will work for all Ugandans who supported and did not support him or her.

For God and My Country

Mr. Joshua Kitakule

Secretary General

Inter-Religious Council of Uganda